The Urban Lair is a collection of monochrome images by Sydney photographer, Robert McRobbie, depicting animals in the protection of dedicated people around Australia.

The project is the result of many months tracking down breeders and carers of a diverse range of animal species. Emails and phone calls frequently went unanswered, but occasionally someone agreed to allow their much loved family pet, rescued bird or mammal to be photographed. Needless to say, our urban lair is large and widespread, requiring hours behind the wheel to capture yet another creature for the work you see on this site.

Each subject appears in black and white, in classic portrait style, totally removed from its natural environment. In this way, you are able to view the animals in close up and without distraction.

All of the creatures appearing here are well looked after and seem to thrive on the protection they receive. Almost as varied as the furred and feathered inhabitants of the Urban Lair are those who are privileged to look after them. Be it farmer, wildlife rescue volunteer, suburban family member or breeder, all are wholly dedicated to the animals in their care.

For each fascinating subject shown in these photographs, there are just as many equally fascinating people devoted to their well-being. It has been an honour to meet and work with them and share their obsession.

Please leave comments and feel free to ask questions about the project.

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